Current Student Employees


Working for HFS

Welcome to HFS! This page provides an overview of the initial information and training you will need to be successful in your job. Additional information and training will be provided by your supervisor.

Getting Paid

The first step to getting paid is to submit your completed paperwork to the HFS Payroll Office located in 108 Terry Hall. Make sure you have completed this step before participating in training or working any shifts.

Pay periods for student staff are as follows:

Time Worked


1st through the 15th

25th of the same month

16th through the end of the month

10th of the following month


HFS' goal is to provide the best possible service for all of our customers. In addition to excellent service interactions, this includes providing clean, safe and welcoming living and dining environments for our students, staff and guests. As a new staff member, you will be better prepared to support these efforts by completing the following trainings.

1. HFS Employee Guide—All staff members must review the HFS Employee Guide (PDF). Once you have read the guide, please go to the final page and follow the instructions to complete the acknowledgment form.

2. HFS "Big 3" Training Presentation-All student staff are expected to view the Student Staff Online Training (PowerPoint) and take the online quiz at the end of the presentation. The presentation consists of Workplace Conduct, Use of State Resources and Customer Service.

4. Safety of Minors—All UW employees are legally mandated reporters of suspected child abuse or neglect. Because this responsibility resides with each individual employee, you are strongly encouraged to review the University's Safety of Minors website, which provides information and resources such as information overview flyer (PDF), FAQs and online training.

5. Asbestos Awareness—All staff members must take the online UW Asbestos Awareness Training to learn how to recognize and report the possible presence of asbestos in the workplace.

6. Back Safety—All staff members who are required to lift 20 pounds as part of their job duties must complete our online Back Safety Awareness Training (PPT). This includes all UW Dining employees and some other units as well. If you are unsure if this applies to you, please confirm with your manager whether to complete this training.

7. Food Worker Card—UW Dining employees are required to have a valid Washington State foodworker card. The card costs $10 to obtain or renew. Staff members must keep a copy of the card with them at work and submit a copy to the UW Dining Administration Office (located in 109 Terry Hall) within the first two weeks of employment.

8. Food Allergy Awareness—UW Dining employees must also complete the online HFS Food Allergy Awareness Training (PPT).


In the spring, managers nominate students for the following awards: Exceptional Customer Service, Leadership Excellence, Outstanding Job Knowledge, Outstanding Reliability, and Outstanding Teamwork. This could be you!

UW Dining Location Specific Student Sites—Additional Resources

Each dining location maintains a resource website with information specific to student employees. These resources may include documents outlining unit policies, procedures, shift schedules and the shift switcher tool. Access to these sites is assigned by location supervisors. UW Dining maintains a site link library as well as information about logging in and other resources.


If you have any questions, email us at

The UW is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.