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You wake up early every day, spend hours in class and studying, then more time at work. With such an intense schedule, adding grocery shopping, cooking dinner and cleaning the kitchen after a long day must feel overwhelming. We can help.

Dining Accounts to Simplify Your Life

We offer many dining levels for students living in UW campus apartments, so you can select one that can be used to cover most or all of your eating expenses, or just act as a supplement to your own dining budget.

With over 40 dining locations on campus, from our grocery store District Market, where you'll get 10% every purchase, to our numerous restaurants, cafés, food trucks and even a food court, great food is never more than a two-minute walk away!

Check out our newest West Campus dining venue, Local Point. Local Point features five dining destinations under one roof, including a Pagliacci Pizza and a full deli with an expansive salad bar. Or treat yourself to a special dinner at Cultivate, and let our wait staff walk you through the daily fresh sheet, often featuring produce from UW Farm. Both are conveniently located near Mercer Court Apartments.


Easier to manage your living expenses
  • Apartment Dining Account plans get 10% off purchases at District Market and Husky Grind.
  • Use your dining account for meals and groceries, and use your cash for other stuff.
  • Track your dining account balance online or see it on your receipt each time you make a purchase.
It’s the fastest and easiest way to pay at campus dining locations
  • Some of our most popular dining locations are cashless, so with a dining account, no worries if you don’t have cash in your wallet.
Saves you time
  • Let us do the shopping, cooking and dishes for you so that you can focus on studies, friends and experiencing the UW.
  • Get produce, fresh meats and seafood, groceries, housewares, personal care items and more at the District Market right on campus.

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