Family Housing: FAQ



When will I be offered an apartment?

Your position on the family housing waiting list is based first on the priority for which you qualify and second on the date the application is received. August and September are the months when the greatest numbers of vacancies occur, but because residents give only a 45-day notice of their intent to vacate, it is difficult to predict how many vacancies will occur, or when they will be ready for occupancy.

You will be offered an apartment only when your application is complete. Your application is considered complete when we have received all applicable family documents. We must also have confirmation of your financial need figure from the Financial Aid Office and your confirmation of registration

Where am I on the waiting list?

If we are currently making offers for the quarter you have applied for, you may view your waiting list position on your Application and Assignment Home Page. We usually begin making offers for each quarter about a month before the start of that quarter.

Your waiting list position is relative is relative to the other families who have applied for housing for that quarter. Students who have applied for future quarters will see "not yet calculated" for their waiting list position.

Your position on the waiting list can change at any time due to higher-priority applicants joining the list. Waiting list positions are recalculated each Wednesday.

The waiting list position information is provided as a guide to give you an idea of when you may be assigned. We are not able to guarantee any family an assignment for any particular time.

If we are not able to assign you for your requested quarter, your application will be remain open and your name will remain on the waiting list for the subsequent quarter.

When should I apply for family housing? 

We recommend that you consider applying for family housing as soon as possible. The waiting period for one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments averages 6–18 months. We accept applications from newly admitted students as long as they have accepted admission and have set up their UW NetID at least three days in advance of applying.

How long is the waiting list?

The family housing waiting list fluctuates depending on the time of the year. Our demand is highest in September, the beginning of the academic year. The waiting period for one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments averages 6–18 months.

How can I establish a financial need figure if I am an international student?

If you are not eligible to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you may complete the Financial Information For International Students (FIFI) form available on this website and in the Student Services Office located in 210 Lander Hall. Return the completed form and a copy of your I-20 form to the Student Services Office. We will forward it to the Financial Aid Office for an evaluation. We should get the results within two weeks. You will be considered a Priority 3 applicant until your financial need figures have been determined by the Financial Aid Office.

Can I prioritize my area preference on the application?

You will be asked to list the communities you are interested in and that you qualify for, in the order of your preference. We make offers based on your preferences and on availability.

You may pass on any offer and maintain your position on the waiting list; however, we cannot guarantee when another can be made. It is common for families to wait six months or longer between offers. 

What area schools serve Blakeley Village and Laurel Village?

Laurelhurst Elementary

Eckstein Middle School

Roosevelt High School

What furnishings are provided in family housing apartments?

Family housing units are furnished with major appliances (refrigerator/freezer, stovetop and oven), curtains over patio windows and window blinds in all rooms. There are laundry (clothes washer and dryer) hook-ups in all units. Furniture is not provided; however, HFS has a partnership with Cort, a local furniture rental company, whose furniture you can see in our model apartment.

What utilities are included in the monthly rate?

Water/sewer/garbage is included in the monthly rate.

Are cable and Internet available? 

You are responsible for setting up and paying for your own cable and Internet. Satellite dishes must be stand-alone and cannot be attached to any part of the facility.

How does the electric account work?

You will pay for your own electricity through Seattle City Light. Many residents participate in a Seattle City Light discount program. HFS will initiate your Seattle City Light (electric service) account when you sign your agreement. You will be billed every other month. HFS will also close your account when you leave family housing.

Are family housing apartments air conditioned?

All units are heated, however there are no cooling units provided. Residents may use their own portable air cooling units but window units are not permitted.

Do you allow pets in family housing?

Stevens Court, Laurel Village and Blakeley Village allow only fish. Radford Court Apartments is able to accommodate other kinds of pets.

Is parking available?

Laurel Village and Blakeley Village: One space per unit is provided free of charge.
Stevens Court: Parking may be arranged through UW Commuter Services for an additional cost.

I am a visiting faculty member, post-doctoral student or a visiting graduate student. Can I apply for family housing?

Because of the limited availability of apartments, these groups are not eligible for Family Housing. You must be a matriculated, full-time student at the UW to be eligible to live in Family Housing.

Are there any other apartments for UW students?

Radford Court and Commodore Duchess are two privately-managed communities for which Family Housing students are eligible. There are no financial need requirements for these communities.

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