Roommate Bill of Rights


All roommates have the right to

  • Study and sleep without unreasonable distractions, noise or interference
  • Have guests, with the understanding that guests must honor the rights of others and the policies of the residence hall community
  • Have overnight guests only with the consent of other roommates and as outlined in the Housing Agreement
  • Free access to their room and facilities
  • Live in a healthy, safe, clean and sustainable environment
  • Feel comfortable in their room
  • Be free from harassment and discrimination
  • Identify and discuss conflicts
  • Privacy
  • A locked room or cluster door at all times
  • Dictate the use of their possessions

Maintaining a good relationship with your roommate

  • DO regard your roommate as an equal
  • DO respect your roommate’s feelings and opinions
  • DO speak up if your roommate’s behavior bothers you
  • DO NOT put off talking to your roommate if there appears to be a conflict
  • DO NOT assume the conflict is your roommate’s problem
  • DO NOT try to reform your roommate