Building Access and Security

Building Access and Keys

Your Husky Card serves as a building-access card for your residence hall.

• The entry doors to Alder Hall, Cedar Apartments, Elm Hall, Hansee Hall, Lander Hall, Maple Hall, Mercer Court Apartments, Poplar Hall and Terry Hall are locked 24 hours a day.

• The entry doors to McMahon Hall and Haggett Hall are locked by 7 pm every night. In addition, the residential floors of Haggett Hall and McMahon Hall are only accessible to the residents of each of those halls and authorized personnel.

• Blakeley Village, Laurel Village and Stevens Court are configured with a separate entry for each apartment. Residents should keep their apartment doors locked at all times.

• Your Husky Card is programmed to allow you access to the dining facilities in Haggett Hall, Lander Hall and McMahon Hall during their operating hours.

Note: You should never prop open any door for any reason or let anyone you do not know into the building.

Your Husky Card is programmed to open electronic entry locks, allowing you access into your residence hall, and should be treated like any other key. Your Husky Card, room key, mailbox key and any other key issued to you are the property of the UW and are only for your exclusive use.

• Residents are not permitted to lend or give their room keys or Husky Cards to anyone or any group.

• Residents are not permitted to put their own locks or alarms on any residence hall doors.

The duplication or misuse of a UW key or a Husky Card is strictly prohibited. Interfering with security systems, tampering with locks or elevators, or unlocking doors designated to be locked is strictly prohibited.
All student room doors, including those in apartments and McMahon Hall clusters, are equipped with commercial-grade locking door handles and one-way peepholes. Residence hall keys are high-security keys. Duplicate keys can only be made using factory equipment.

Lost or misplaced keys should be reported immediately to your residence hall front desk. If a rekey of your room is warranted to maintain your security due to lost or unreturned keys, you will be charged a nonrefundable fee of $100. The replacement cost for a lost or unreturned mailbox, bathroom or bike room key is $5. If your keys are stolen, contact the UW Police Department at 206-685-UWPD (8973)/TTY 206-543-3323 to file a report and receive a case number from them. Then contact your residence hall front desk. If you follow this process, you will not be charged for the rekey of your room. (Replacement keys are available at your residence hall front desk.)

Lost Husky Cards 

Your Husky Card is as good as cash and an entry key to your building, and you are responsible for all charges made on your Dining Account and Husky Card Account. If you lose your Husky Card, there is nothing to prevent others from using it, so it is important to report your lost Husky Card by completing these steps:

• Report the lost Husky Card to the Husky Card Office & ID Center, located on the ground floor of Odegaard Undergraduate Library. (There is a $20 nonrefundable fee for a replacement Husky Card.)
• Notify your residence hall front desk.
• Notify the UW Library Circulation Desk or the Library Cashier’s Office at 206-543-2553

Inside Your Room, Cluster or Apartment

  • Even if you will be away for only a few minutes, lock all doors and windows.
  • Keep emergency telephone numbers readily available, including your roommates' contact information.
  • Secure doors and windows when you are alone or are asleep at night.
  • Before you answer the door, look through the peephole to see if it is someone you know. If you do not know the person, do not open your door without first verifying the person's identification (e.g., Residential Life or custodial staff).
  • Window screens are not restraining devices. To protect yourself and others, do not push or lean on screens. Please take precautions so that children do not fall from open windows.
  • Get to know you neighbors. You can help keep an eye on their rooms/apartments, and they may return the favor by watching yours.
  • Do not keep large sums of money, jewelry or valuable items in your room or apartment.
  • Take your valuables with you when you are on vacation.
  • Take precautions for child safety including putting household cleaners and sharp objects in secure locations out of children's reach.