North Campus Plans


North Campus Rendering

Why Develop North Campus Housing Now?

  • Haggett Hall, McCarty Hall and McMahon Halls were constructed in the 1960s and building audits completed by third-party professionals indicate the need for substantial renovation or replacement.
  • Ongoing or occupied maintenance of the buildings’ infrastructure elements (i.e., mechanical, electrical, plumbing, roofing) has become more expensive than closure for renovation or replacement.
  • As the cost of utilities increases, the cost to operate buildings that do not meet current energy codes is prohibitive.
  • Meeting the needs of students with disabilities through renovation is cost prohibitive for a holistic building approach.
  • Renovation of the older buildings costs more than new construction by at least $80 per square foot.
  • Resident satisfaction is high for the new West Campus buildings due to improvements that are not achievable through renovation.

Proposed Plans for North Campus

The current proposal for North Campus calls for the decommissioning and demolition of McCarty and Haggett halls, and the decommissioning of McMahon Hall as a residence hall. Like the West Campus redevelopment, amenities, dining locations and student resources will be added into the new housing buildings.

First Phase of North Campus:

McCarty Hall decommissioned Autumn 2015 (current) and demolished Spring 2015. Three new buildings, located just north of Denny Field, are projected to open in Autumn 2018, at a total cost of $240 million. The buildings are planned to house 1,800 students, with each building housing approximately 600 students.

Second Phase of North Campus:

Haggett Hall decommissioned and demolished in 2018. Two new buildings, one located on current Haggett location and one located on the southeast end of Denny Field, are projected to open in 2020 and house 1,070 students.

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