Health and Wellness Resources

The UW provides many campus resources to promote student success and personal health and wellness. Please refer to the information below to find out more about these valuable resources.

Health and Wellness

The Division of Student Life Office of Health and Wellness provides students with support around the social, emotional, intellectual, physical, financial and spiritual dimensions of life. Please visit the UW Health and Wellness to find the tools and resources available to students.

Health and Wellness also provides drug- and alcohol-related education and support.

Emotional Wellness

Behavioral health promotion and suicide prevention are among the UW's top priorities. With support and proper treatment, students struggling with these issues can be successful through their college years and beyond. There are a variety of on campus resources available to help with these issues:

Hall Health Primary and Special Care Clinics 

Hall Health facilitates the academic success of UW students and the well-being of patients through a commitment to high-quality patient-centered health care. Hall Health is dedicated to improving and maintaining physical and mental health with a focus on health promotion and the appropriate use of health services. To learn more, please visit Hall Health.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is staffed by psychologists and mental health counselors who provide developmentally-based counseling, assessment and crisis-intervention services to currently-enrolled UW students.


If you or a friend are experiencing stress or think there may be another mental health concern, R U OK provides helpful tips on these situations. Whether you want to know what kind of situations can cause stress, how stress can affect people differently or tips on how to talk to a friend who’s experiencing stress, R U OK has information on all these areas and links to helpful resources in the residence halls and on campus. R U OK also lets you know who you should contact depending on the type of situation you or a friend is going through.