What are the benefits of on-campus living?

UW Students hanging out in Lander Hall

When you dream about your Husky Experience, what do you envision? What do you want your time at the University of Washington to mean to you and your future? What do you hope to learn and who do hope to meet along the way? When you live on campus, we hope your Husky Experience is both an engaging academic journey as well as a vibrant, well-supported, and fulfilling out-of-class adventure, filled with opportunities to explore who you are and what you value, develop meaningful relationships, make informed and intentional choices and embark on a trajectory of your own making.

What makes living on campus special? Some of the benefits of living on campus include:

  • A vibrant and dynamic residential community that’s close to classes and campus activities
  • Many programs and activities that support academic and personal-development goals 
  • Learning to live in an environment that promotes community, personal growth and respect 
  • Developing your career-critical leadership skills by taking ownership of your residential experience and participating in student leadership programs 
  • Opportunities to take advantage of activities and academic resources including tutoring, career preparation workshops and seminars, and Living Learning Communities 
  • Convenient dining—grab a latte, dinner or late-night snack in our residence hall and apartment dining facilities, express markets and espresso stands 
  • Knowing that you have an entire team working to make your living experience a safe and successful one

In addition to all of the benefits noted above, our Residential Life staff is what sets on-campus living apart from living anywhere else. The Professional and student Residential Life staff members who live and work in your residence hall are part of the Residential Life Unit. Residential Life staff are committed to supporting students in creating connections, discovering their purpose, and responsible citizenship development. The following is what Residential Life staff strives to achieve for our residents each and every day:

Creating Connections

  • Foster the development of meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging 
  • Foster the creation of strong communities 
  • Foster connections with campus and community resources

Discovering Purpose

  • Support the exploration of identity 
  • Support informed and intentional choices 
  • Support exploration and development of ones’ trajectory at UW and beyond 

Responsible Citizenship

  • Encourage an understanding of the impact of personal choices on self and others 
  • Encourage engagement with the complexities of difference and an increased appreciation for diversity 
  • Encourage choices that promote a sustainable lifestyle 

Resident Adviser (RA)

Your RA is a student and Residential Life staff member who lives in your community. Probably the first Residential Life staff person you will meet, your RA can be one of the most helpful and resourceful people with whom you will interact. These individuals have been carefully selected because of their leadership and interpersonal skills, positive attitudes and sense of commitment.

The primary responsibilities of your RA include:

  • Establishing and maintaining a cohesive and responsible community; 
  • Serving as a resource for information and assistance with adjusting to aspects of campus life; 
  • Conducting safety and security checks (rounds), and enforcing UW policies; 
  • Organizing and distributing information about social, educational, cultural and recreational activities in campus housing and the larger campus community; and, 
  • Providing leadership and support to you and other members of your community.
    Get to know the RAs and utilize their knowledge and skills. 

Get to know the RAs and utilize their knowledge and skills.

Resident Director (RD)

Your RD is a full–time Professional staff member responsible for the management of the Residential Life Program in your residence hall, including:

  • Supervising RAs; 
  • Advising the Hall Council and/or other student leadership groups; 
  • Coordinating the management of the residence hall or apartment in cooperation with other Residential Life and HFS staff members; 
  • Adjudicating alleged violations of the housing agreement; 
  • Advising students; and, 
  • Developing and implementing programs.

Your RD lives in and has an office within the campus housing community. 

“Living on campus at UW has defined so much of my college experience. The halls are so much more than a place to live. They are a place to learn, socialize and be involved in the community where you live. I have loved living in the halls, and I know the staff and administration really care about making the community better for students.”
—Emma T., Junior, Political Science

"The residence halls gave me a place to call home. I feel safe on campus and connected to the other students. I feel like I truly experienced a college lifestyle while living on campus. I was able to get to know people and living with others has helped me get life experience. I have become more involved and feel more comfortable on campus. I am part of the campus and all the activities that take place here. It has given me opportunities to meet others and stay active. I have a community where I feel comfortable and safe."
—Rebecca H., Sophomore, Pre-Health Science


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