Safety Resources

Residential Life Staff

Residential Life staff provide safety information to the residence hall and apartment communities during the 1st floor meetings of the quarter through personal interactions and by facilitating awareness programming that encourages students to make smart decisions regarding their personal safety. Do not hesitate to contact your Resident Adviser (RA) or Resident Director (RD) about any safety concerns you may have. RAs and RDs are on duty from 5 pm–8 am daily to address safety issues. RDs are on duty 24 hours a day on weekends and holidays. All HFS staff members wear official photo IDs when in the residential areas of the residence halls in order to help you identify HFS staff from others who may be in the building.

Blakeley Village and Laurel Village residents may contact their Community Assistant (CA) or RD about any safety concerns. Additionally, a CA is on duty from 5 pm–8 am daily and 24 hours a day on weekends and holidays.

To reach the RA/CA on duty, call 206-543-1000.

UWPD Residence Hall Patrol

The UW Police Department (UWPD) patrols the residence halls each night and works directly with the on-duty Residential Life staff. UWPD officers are fully commissioned and have the same authority as other law enforcement officers. For emergency situations requiring police, medical or firefighter response, call 911. For nonemergency assistance, call the UWPD at 206-685-UWPD (8973)/TTY 206-543-3323.

UWPD Crime Prevention Unit

Residential Life staff work closely with UWPD Crime Prevention Unit officers to provide programs and resources for residents to raise awareness regarding safety and security issues. Learn more about safety and security by visiting UWPD Crime Prevention Unit.

Husky NightWalk

Husky NightWalk provides uniformed escorts for students walking to and from buildings, from parking lots and within close proximity of the campus. The UWPD manages Husky NightWalk. Husky NightWalk operates from 6 pm–2 am, seven days a week except UW holidays. During the summer only, Husky NightWalk operates from 7 pm–3 am, seven days a week except UW holidays. Call 206-685-WALK (9255) to take advantage of this service.

NightRide Shuttle

If you stay on campus after dark, take the NightRide Shuttle home. The NightRide Shuttle takes you from campus right to your front door (within a mile of campus). Call the Shuttle Services Office at 206-685-3146 for more information.