Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities

What are Living Learning Communities?

Whether a student has a clearly defined career trajectory that has been dreamt about since childhood or is looking to discover a career path by exploring every possibility, Living Learning Communities provide students a bridge from an interest to a focused exploration in a vibrant and dynamic residential community. Living Learning Communities support a diverse array of students who have a shared desire to dive into their Husky Experience with focus and intention. Through the guidance of thoughtfully selected and strategically trained residential life staff, students in Living Learning Communities are encouraged and challenged to explore how their unique interests influence, contribute to and intersect with their identity, relationships, choices and trajectory. From unique opportunities to interact with faculty and community leaders to intentional experiential learning activities, Living Learning Communities offer students a broad spectrum of events and activities tailored to the exploration of their unique interests.

Who can live in a Living Learning Community?

Residents with common interests may choose to live in Living Learning Communities on designated floors. Residents are encouraged to plan and participate in activities for these communities.

Our Communities

Alder Hall, 5th floor

McMahon Hall, North 2nd and 3rd floors

Maple Hall, 5th–8th floors

Global Experience 
Haggett Hall, North 8th floor

Terry Hall, 3rd–5th floors

Pre-Health Sciences 
Maple Hall, 3rd and 4th floors


*Business, Engineering and Honors communities are linked to academic programs, and students with departmental approval will have priority for assignment to these areas.