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General Questions


Am I required to live on campus?

The UW does not require students to live on campus.

Am I automatically enrolled for on-campus housing when I accept admission to the UW?

No, you must apply and pay for housing separately from your UW application and acceptance.

  Is housing guaranteed?

Placement in the residence halls guaranteed for returning residents. All other applicants are assigned based on their priority and application date.

Late applicants and lower priority applicants may be offered Temporary Housing or placed on a waiting list for the beginning of autumn quarter. If a waiting list is established, students who live outside of commuting distance may be given priority for assignment to the residence halls.

We are generally able to assign all winter quarter and spring quarter applicants.

I am thinking of joining a sorority/fraternity. Should I still apply for the residence halls?

HFS works with Greek Life to assist housing applicants who are interested in Greek Life. For information about how, visit our sorority and fraternity pages. Contact the Panhellenic Association or Interfraternity Council for information about Greek life.

When are the residence halls closed?

The residence halls (except Haggett Hall, Lander Hall, Mercer Court and Stevens Court) are closed to all students during winter break (from 12 noon on Saturday, December 16, 2017 until 12 noon on Monday, January 1, 2018).

The residence halls remain open over the Thanksgiving break and spring break.

I will be a student in the Extension or English Language Program. Can I live in the residence halls?

Priority for assignment in the residence halls goes first to matriculated UW students. When space permits, we can offer housing to nonmatriculated students such as students in the Extension and English Language Programs. Residence hall housing is typically not available for ELP students during autumn quarter.

Application Information

How do I apply for the residence halls?

The application for the coming academic year will be available on our website in early May. You must be accepted to the UW and have set up your UW NetID to apply for the residence halls. You cannot apply before you have been accepted as a student.

Information about applying for the residence halls as a new student is emailed to new admits in March. More info is available at How to Apply.

The application for current residents who want to return for an upcoming academic year will be available early April.

I created my UW NetID today. Why can’t I apply for the residence halls?

It can take up to three business days after you have created your UW NetID for it to be recognized by the housing application system. If you are unable to access the application after three days, please contact the Student Services Office at hfsinfo@uw.edu.

Is there a deadline to apply for housing?

There is no deadline for new students to apply for housing, however you are encouraged to apply as early as possible after the application is made available. Your application date will affect your assignment priority. Housing is not guaranteed, so later applicants may be placed on a waiting list for autumn quarter.

Who has priority for residence hall space?

All assignments to the residence halls are made in priority group order. Priorities are based on student status and application date.

Can I apply for housing while I am on the Admissions waiting list?

No, you must be admitted and have created your UW NetID to apply. Please note that it will take about three days for your UW NetID to be imported into the housing system, at which time you will be able to access the application. HFS will work with the Office of Admissions to provide late-admitted students the highest priority possible.

To what type of room will I most likely be assigned?

Incoming students are typically assigned to double or triple rooms. Your assigned room type depends on availability, when your application is submitted, when we receive your deposit, and your Living Learning Community preference.

Will I be assigned to one of my preferred areas?

On the application, you will be asked for your residence hall preferences, Living Learning Community request, room type request and roommate preferences. We will do our best to assign you to a room that matches all of your preferences; however, because of space limitations, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.

Please be aware that Living Learning Communities are in specific residence halls, which may affect where you are assigned.

 Can I get a single room or studio apartment?

The application will give you the option of requesting your preferred room type. If you indicate that you are interested in a single room or studio apartment, you may be assigned to one, but it is not guaranteed. Demand for singles and studios is very high, and most singles are assigned to returning residents.

Can I get a triple room?

The application will give you the option of requesting a triple room. If you request a triple room, it is very likely that we will be able to assign you to a triple. You may be assigned to a triple room even if you don't request one.

The application does not offer you the option of requesting a double room.

Will my roommate request be honored?

We do our best to accommodate mutual roommate requests. You increase the likelihood of being assigned together if:

  1. You and your desired roommate submit your applications at about the same time.
  2. You and your desired roommate request the same halls and indicate similar lifestyle preferences. Please note that to be assigned with your mutually-requested roommate in a Living Learning Community, you both must request and meet eligibility requirements for that community.
  3. You know the UW student number of your desired roommate when you complete your application.

Autumn quarter only: If you are a new or continuing student requesting to live with a Priority 1 (returning) applicant, the returning resident you want to live with must complete an online request. You will be given access to the application, which you must by April 11.

Is there a separate application for Early Fall Start?

Students participating in the Early Fall Start Program (EFS) and wishing to live in the residence halls during that program should complete the Early Fall Start Residence Hall application.

Can I change my application after I have submitted it?

Autumn quarter new applicants: You may edit your application preferences by logging in to the Application and Assignment Home Page through June 30. Editing your application preferences will not affect your application date.

Winter quarter: You may edit your application preferences by logging in to the Application and Assignment Home Page through November 15. 

Spring quarter: You may edit your application preferences by logging in to the Application and Assignment Home Page through February 15.

When and how will I be notified of my housing assignment?

Autumn quarter: In early August, we will begin sending assignment emails, which will include your room assignment, your roommate's name and contact information, and details about moving in. Please note that not all students will be assigned in the first round, and you may not receive your assignment email until August or September. Your assignment email will be sent to your UW email address.

All other quarters: We begin sending assignment emails about a month before the quarter begins.

What if I don’t like my room assignment?

HFS makes all assignments without regard to race, sexual orientation, gender expression or national origin, and rejects all requests for changes of assignment based on these factors.

Prior to autumn quarter move-in, you may participate in our Mutual Swap forum to search for someone to switch rooms with. Information will be emailed when this option becomes available.

After the housing waiting list is cleared and all students have been moved out of temporary housing, the Room Change Request form will be made available. The Room Change Request form will allow you to specify which residence hall(s) and room type(s) you are interested in moving to. Please be aware that we will not be able to honor room change requests until all students on the waiting list and in temporary rooms have been assigned to permanent rooms. This may mean that no room change offers will be made until winter quarter.

If you have a conflict with your roommate, you should contact your floor's Resident Adviser or your residence hall's Resident Director. Resident advisers are live-in student employees who provide resources and programming for residents, and the Resident Director is a full-time Professional staff member who lives in and has an office in your residence hall community.


How does my dining account work?

Your dining account works like a debit account. At the beginning of each quarter, money that you pay as part of your quarterly installment will be deposited into your dining account on your Husky Card. The amount deposited depends on which dining account level you select on your application. Each time you make a purchase at a HFS restaurant, café, espresso bar, express market or residence hall vending machine, the amount of the purchase will be deducted from your dining account.

What is the difference between the dining account and the Husky Card account?

Funds on your dining account are specifically allocated for use within HFS food-service facilities based on the dining account level you select. These funds are nontransferable and nonrefundable.

Husky Card account funds are available for use in residence hall laundry facilities, on-campus dining facilities, vending machines, the University Book Store and for campus parking. Husky Card account funds are fully refundable.

Both dining account and Husky Card account funds are accessed with your Husky Card, which also serves as your student ID and building access card.

Am I required to have a dining account?

If you live in the residence halls, you are required to have a dining account for each quarter in residence unless you live in a dining optional area (Mercer Court C or Stevens Court buildings A–D, J and M).

Will unused dining account funds be refunded when I move out?

Any unused balance on your dining account at the end of autumn quarter is carried forward to winter quarter, and from winter quarter to spring quarter, with the new quarter's allotment added to the existing balance. Any unused balance at the end of spring quarter is nonrefundable and nontransferable. If you move out of the residence halls before the end of spring quarter, any balance remaining on your dining account will be available for you to use until the end of the quarter during which you move out.

Facilities and Amenities

What is temporary housing?

Temporary housing refers to areas in the residence halls that were not originally designed as residential areas but which have been set up to house students for limited periods of time. These areas include lounges, lofts and apartments. Each student in Temporary Housing has his/her own bed and place to store belongings, but he/she may be required to share desk or closet space.

Are the rooms and floors co-ed? Are the bathrooms co-ed?

Rooms, clusters and apartments are assigned to students of the same sex. The majority of residence hall floors have students of both sexes living on them.

Bathrooms in the residence halls are sex-specific. Students of the opposite sex are not allowed into bathrooms not designated for them. Doors to bathrooms designated for females are equipped with locks, and female residents of the hall are provided with keys.

What size sheets should I buy?

Students should purchase extra-long twin sheets for the best fit.

Do the rooms have safes or lockable drawers?

Most rooms do not have lockable storage areas. You may provide your own small safe for valuables if you wish; however, you are encouraged to leave valuables at home.

Billing, Rates and Payments

How much does it cost to live in the residence halls?

Your quarterly charges will depend on the type of room you are assigned to and which dining account level you select. Rates based on room type and Dining Level are shown on the Residence Hall Rates page, and additional information can be found on the Financial Information page.

Do I need to make separate deposit payments for Early Fall Start and the academic year?

You need to submit only one deposit, even if you are applying to live in the residence halls for both the academic year and Early Fall Start. You will be asked for a deposit payment when you submit your first application.

I have submitted my deposit. Why can’t I see it online?

You may confirm that we have your security deposit on file by visiting your HFS Statement of Account page. This page requires authentication and is viewable only by the student.

Can my parents receive information about my housing account?

The Family Education Right and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents us from releasing your information (including how much you owe on your housing account) to anyone other than yourself without your authorization, even if you are less than 18 years old. You may authorize HFS to release information about your housing account to up to two other people by filling in their names on the appropriate place on your Profile Page. Information about authorized guest access can be viewed on the Guest Portal.

Where will my housing bills be sent?

For students on the Quarterly Payment Plan, you will be notified via your UW email account when new charges have posted to your housing account. The email will include a link to your HFS Account page. You will be required to enter your UW NetID and password to access this information.

For students on Financial Aid Payment Plan, if you owe a housing balance after money has been deducted from your financial aid account, you will be notified via your UW email account. The email will include a link to your HFS Account page. You will be required to enter your UW NetID and password to access this information.

If you would like to change your housing billing address so that a copy of your bill is emailed to your parents, you may do so on the Billing Address Update form. Please enter your parents' email address on this form or they will not receive a copy of your statement.

How do I make my payments?

You may pay online with a credit or debit card through the Housing Payments page. Your parents may pay online with a credit card or debit card using the Parent Payment page. HFS does not charge a convenience fee.

Cash or check payments may be made in person weekdays, 8 am–5 pm at the following locations:

  • Student Services Office, 210 Lander Hall
  • Husky Card Account and ID Center, ground floor, Odegaard Undergraduate Library

Be sure to include your name and UW student ID number on the notes line of the check.

Payments made by check may also be mailed to:

Housing & Food Services
Financial Services Office
1045 NE Campus Parkway, Box 355607
Seattle, WA 98195-5607

When is my payment due?

Early Fall Start August 1, 2017
Autumn Quarter October 13, 2017
Winter Quarter January 19, 2018
Spring Quarter April 13, 2018
Summer Quarter Full June 1, 2018
Summer A Term June 1, 2018
Summer B Term July 1, 2018

Is my deposit refundable?

Your deposit will be held until you vacate permanently, i.e., until you have no pending applications for a future term in any UW housing facility excluding Commodore Duchess, Nordheim Court and Radford Court. Assuming that you do not have any outstanding charges on your account when you move out, your deposit will be fully refunded. Outstanding charges may include cleaning fees, improper checkout fees, and/or agreement termination fees. If you cancel your housing application prior to moving in, cancellation fees as described in the Residence Hall System Agreement will be deducted from your deposit.

When will I get my refund check?

If you are eligible for a refund, your refund will be mailed two to three weeks after you vacate. Refund checks will be mailed to your local address as indicated on MyUW.

Moving In

When can I move in to the residence halls?

Early Fall Start: The halls open for Early Fall Start on the Sunday before the Early Fall Start Program begins. Your housing assignment email will include your move-in appointment time for that day.

Autumn quarter: Official move-in days are the Thursday and Friday before autumn quarter classes begin. Your housing assignment email will include your move-in appointment time for one of those days. You may also choose to move in without an appointment any time during front desk hours on one of the two following days.

Winter quarter: The residence halls reopen for winter quarter move-in at 12 noon on Monday, January 1, 2018.

Spring quarter: Official move-in for spring quarter begins on Sunday, March 25, 2018.

Summer quarter: Full Term and A Term—Move-in begins the Saturday before summer quarter classes begin. B Term—Move-in begins at 5 pm on the Wednesday before B Term classes begin.

What should I bring?

Your residence hall room will be supplied with:

  • One satellite TV connection
  • Blinds or draperies
  • Beds
  • Desks
  • Bookcases
  • Chairs
  • Dressers
  • Closets or wardrobes
  • Wastebaskets
  • Ethernet connection

You should bring:

  • Bedsheets
  • Pillows and pillowcases
  • Blankets/comforter
  • Towels
  • Alarm clock
  • Ethernet cable

West campus residents should also bring bathroom cleaning supplies and, if assigned to Mercer Court, kitchen implements and cleaning supplies. Check out these useful guides on what to bring and what not to bring for your residence hall room. 

What appliances can I bring?

The following appliances are allowed:

  • Refrigerators 4.4 cubic feet or less
  • Blenders and mixers
  • Hot-air popcorn poppers
  • Hot pots and coffee pots, which must be placed on noncombustible surfaces such as ceramic tile
  • One 700-watt maximum microwave oven per room (No other appliance may be used at the same time.)

The following appliances are prohibited:

  • Halogen lamps
  • Space heaters
  • All open-flame appliances (e.g. fondue pots)
  • Open-coil appliances (e.g. toasters and toaster ovens)
  • Full-size appliances or multiple appliances that exceed the usage limits of your room

Should I bring a refrigerator?

You may rent a small micro-fridge (microwave oven-refrigerator) from Collegiate Concepts, Inc. (CCI). Arrangements for payment and delivery will be directly with CCI. Complete information is available on their website. Alternatively, you may choose to bring your own refrigerator (4.4 cubic feet or less) or microwave oven (700 watt maximum).

Each apartment in Stevens Court, Nordheim Court and Cedar Apartments is furnished with a full-size refrigerator and microwave oven.

I need to move in early. How do I apply?

Early Fall Start: Early arrival housing may be accommodated through the Guest Housing program. Please contact the Conference Services Office for details. Housing availability is limited. Guest Housing requests must be submitted at least seven days before arrival.

Autumn quarter: Students who are required to be on campus for an academic or UW-sponsored reason may apply to move in early. The early arrival housing application will be available in late August.

Winter quarter: There is no early arrival housing for winter quarter.

Spring quarter: Students who are required to be on campus for an academic or UW-sponsored reason may apply to move in early. Information about how to apply will be included in your assignment email.

Information about early arrival housing

Cancelling and Moving Out

What if I decide to cancel my housing application?

If you have applied to live in the residence halls and decide you do not need residence hall housing, please cancel your application through your Application and Assignment home page. Please note that if you cancel, you will be subject to cancellation fees as outlined in your agreement.

I want to move out. What do I need to do?

Detailed information on how to follow proper vacating procedures may be found on the Moving Out page.

If I withdraw from the UW, can I still live in the residence halls?

You must vacate within three days of your change in status to an unregistered student. If you need clarification on these rules or would like to appeal, please contact the Student Services Office at hfsinfo@u.washington.edu.