Getting Wired



It is convenient and easy to access the Internet in your room, through the UW network. All resident rooms contain an Ethernet port for direct hardwire access and many of the halls have all-building wireless (Wi-Fi), making it easy to connect laptops, gaming consoles and mobile devices. Students receive a UW NetID, which is necessary to access the UW network and set up a UW email account.

Wireless Connection (Wi-Fi)

Alder Hall, Cedar Apartments, Elm Hall, Lander Hall, Mercer Court and Poplar Hall have pervasive Wi-Fi throughout the residential areas. The network is called University of Washington. Personally-installed wireless routers are prohibited in Alder Hall, Elm Hall, Lander Hall and Poplar Hall.

Wi-Fi is also available in many shared areas of the residence halls, including The 8 in McMahon Hall. For a complete list of all Wi-Fi available areas on campus, including the residence halls, view the UW Wi-Fi locations map. The name of the wireless network is University of Washington, the same as it is for other locations on campus.

Connecting From Your Room or Apartment

Haggett Hall, Hansee Hall, McMahon Hall, Stevens Court

An Ethernet port in your room allows you to use your computer to access the UW campus network. In order to use the Ethernet port in your room, you need to provide your own computer, Ethernet cable and adapter to complete your connection. Rooms that have fewer ports than residents are equipped with an Ethernet hub to allow two computers to connect to one port. You may also set up your own wireless network in your room with your own Wi-Fi router.

Alder Hall, Cedar Apartments, Elm Hall, Lander Hall, Mercer Court, Poplar Hall

Wi-Fi access is available throughout the building, and an activated Ethernet port is available in each room and in the common area of each apartment. To ensure there is no signal interference with the building-wide Wi-Fi, you may not install your own wireless router or network in your room or apartment.

Problems Getting Connected

If you have questions or problems getting connected to the UW network, or work order requests, you may call UW Information Technology (UW-IT) at 206-221-5000 or email Include your name, phone number, building, room number, outlet number, if available, and details about your concerns.

Rules for Computing and Networking in UW Housing

The UW provides you with a network connection for the purpose of facilitating student academic activity, whether or not such activity is directly related to course work. There are restraints on acceptable use, which include:

  • You may not use the UW network/system for illegal activity.
  • You may not use network connections in UW housing to provide any service that is visible from off campus.
  • You may not use applications that attempt denial-of-service attack(s), probe and/or exploit security holes in other systems, use unauthorized IP addresses, or degrade or restrict network access for others.
  • You may not configure your computer to provide Internet or UW network/system access to anyone who is not affiliated with the UW.
  • You are responsible for all data sent through the Ethernet port in your room.

For a list of the complete rules, see Appropriate Use of UW Resources. Violation of these rules may result in the suspension of your network access and/or other disciplinary action.

Copyright Information

Under federal copyright law, sharing copyrighted works such as music, movies, games and software over the Internet is generally illegal unless done with the copyright owner’s permission. Similarly, UW policy prohibits copyright infringement over UW computing networks. If you share copyrighted works over the Internet without the owner’s permission, it is likely you are violating both federal law and UW policy. If you are caught infringing copyright over UW networks, the consequences can be serious. The copyright owner could sue you. Also, under UW policy you may be subject to disciplinary action and loss of UW network privileges. Copyright owners search constantly for violations of their rights over the Internet, so don’t risk getting caught. If you ever have any questions about the appropriate use of computing and networking resources, contact UW-IT Help.

Where to Get Help

You can get help with computing problems, including operating system updates, anti-virus installation and updates, peer-to-peer software removal, and infected computers at the Odegaard Learning Commons. Personal computers connected to the UW network must be kept free of viruses, use firewalls and be patched with updated software. Current students can download virus scan software at no charge from the UW's IT Connect. Compromised or infected computers will be denied network access.

Computer Stations

Computer stations are available near each residence hall front desk for student use. Residents with disabilities or who need any accommodations to access these areas and/or equipment should contact Disability Resources for Students (DRS) at 206-543-8924 (V/TTY) or Computer workstations are also available in the Odegaard Learning Commons and the Mary Gates Hall Computing Resource Center.