Building Resources

Lander Desk

Work Orders

If you are in need of maintenance assistance, you must place a work order to alert the maintenance staff of the problem. You will not be charged for routine repairs. Work orders are completed as promptly as possible and are prioritized by the seriousness of the repairs needed. Some repairs may not be made immediately.

Nonemergency Work Orders

Submit nonemergency work orders at FS Works. You will be required to login with your UW NetID.

Contact your residence hall front desk if you need assistance.

Exemptions to Work Order Requests

For work orders concerning computing or HuskyTV, contact the Facilities Services and Planning Office at 206-543-4017.

Emergency Work Orders

During front desk hours, contact your residence hall front desk to report the problem immediately:

  • Alder Hall: 206-543-0235
  • Cedar Apartments: 206-543-4017 (Facilities Services)
  • Elm Hall: 206-543-0235
  • Haggett Hall: 206-543-7164
  • Hansee Hall: 206-543-5527
  • Lander Hall: 206-543-0235
  • Maple Hall: 206-543-0235
  • McMahon Hall: 206-543-7107
  • Mercer Court: 206-543-0235
  • Poplar Hall: 206-543-0235
  • Stevens Court: 206-543-4017 (Facilities Services)
  • Terry Hall: 206-543-0235

Outside of front desk hours, contact the Resident Adviser at 206-543-1000.


Community laundry rooms with energy- and water-efficient washers and dryers are located in every building. Instructions for using the washers and dryers are posted. Weekends are usually the busiest times in the laundry room, so plan accordingly. All laundry rooms and equipment should be left clean. You can check the availability and status of washers and dryers in real time by visiting 360 Connect. (NOTE-When creating your 360 account use location code 217501.) The UW is not responsible for clothing or other articles left unattended in laundry facilities.

To report a broken machine, please go online to, call 1-800-342-5932 or report via the mobile app. Washers and dryers are $1.25 per load. Additional drying time may be purchased for $0.25 for 15 minutes of dry time. All residence hall laundry machines operate using the Husky Card Account and do not take coins.

Contact the Husky Card Account & ID Center if you need a refund or have questions. Please include the following information:

  • Name
  • Student ID number
  • Date/Time of machine transaction
  • Laundry machine location
  • Dollar amount
  • Reason


If you are locked out of your room, please follow the procedures listed below.

  • During front desk hours, you may check out a temporary key at your residence hall front desk. You will be asked to provide photo identification, a signature and/or identifying information to be verified with information on file.
  • If you cannot go to the front desk yourself, another resident may borrow a key on your behalf. An authorization form may be obtained from your residence hall front desk. You will be asked to provide your name, student number, permanent address, room number, signature, the date and the name and room number of the person borrowing the key. The residence hall front desk staff will compare the signature on the completed authorization form to your signature on your key card to verify you are the one making the request.
  • Lockout keys must be returned to the front desk within three days. If you do not return the lockout key within the specified time, a staff member will follow up with you. Failure to return the key by the specified time may result in a rekey of your room at your expense ($100).
  • If you are locked out after the front desk is closed, call 206-543-1000 and the Resident Adviser on duty will come to assist you. A $15 charge will be assessed to your housing account.

These key checkout procedures were developed to protect you from the possibility of unauthorized entry to your room and are the best ways to prevent theft and intrusion in the residence halls. No exceptions to these procedures can be made.

Facilities Services

  • Common-area maintenance: Residence hall custodial staff members keep the shared bathrooms, lounges, halls, study areas and other common areas clean and maintained. Please do your part and pick up after yourself!
  • Nonemergency work order requests: If something in your room is broken or not working properly you can place an online work order request.
  • Recycling: Receptacles or chutes for cans, bottles, plastic, paper and cardboard can be found on each residence hall floor. Media recycling receptacles can be found in the lobby of each residence hall. 
  • Composting: Composting receptacles are located with each residence hall.  

Equipment Checkout

You can check out assorted cleaning and recreational equipment from the residence hall front desks, Residential Life Offices or the McMahon Fitness Center with your Husky Card. You will be charged for equipment damaged or not returned. While equipment varies from hall to hall, the following items are generally available for checkout: carts, vacuum cleaners, brooms and dustpans, billiards and table tennis equipment.

Copies, Printing and Faxes

Residence hall front desks can perform small copy jobs for 10¢ per copy. Larger or specialty copy jobs may be taken to UW copy centers at various campus locations. Residence hall front desks may also send or receive faxes. You can print documents using Dawg Prints, an online interface that allows you to send print jobs wirelessly from your computer to over 50 different campus print stations using your Husky Card Account. For information about locations, pricing and print options, visit Dawg Prints.


HuskyTV is a satellite package arranged through the UW. If you have a cable-ready TV, all you need is a coaxial cable to hook up to your HuskyTV lineup. You must also program your TV to receive the cable signal. If you have any problems with access, please contact UW Information Technology at or 206-221-5000 or call the Facilities Services and Planning Office at 206-543-4017.