Housing Master Plan

Housing Master Plan Guides Future Plans

With the opening of Maple Hall and Terry Hall on West Campus, the University completed the first half of its decade-long Housing Master Plan. The $880 million comprehensive redevelopment of UW campus housing now will be focused on North Campus, where five new buildings eventually will replace McCarty Hall and Haggett Hall. Work on the first phase of the North Campus redevelopment is underway.

When completed, the redevelopment will add over 2,000 beds to the UW campus housing system, providing more on-campus living spaces to accommodate increasingly high demand. 

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West Campus Phase Expands Student Housing and Amenities

View of West Campus from inside Lander Hall

Nearly 6,000 students now live on West Campus, the recently-completed first phase of the Housing Master Plan. The redevelopment created a vibrant urban neighborhood that is now one of the busiest sections of campus as students utilize new amenities such as District Market, Fitness Center West and Area 01, and go back and forth between their campus home and classes.

Completed Housing Master Plan Projects (in order of completion)

Student Resources Added or Upgraded

New Dining Locations

North Campus Planned Resources and Amenities

North Campus Future Plans Rendering

The North Campus phase of the Housing Master Plan is now underway with the decommissioning and demolition of McCarty Hall and construction of Phase A. When completed, the North Campus phase will replace the 2,486 beds featured in McCarty, Haggett and McMahon halls with 2,870 beds spread out across five new residence hall buildings.

The North Campus redevelopment will also include the replacement of the residential dining center for North Campus and the addition of several new amenities.

Planned Buildings

North Campus Phase A and B

Phase A

Buildings B, C, D (1,800 beds)

Phase B

Buildings A, E (1,070 beds)

Planned Amenities

  • Fitness Center
  • Learning Resource Center
  • Gaming Center
  • Regional Desk and Package Center
  • New Dining Hall
  • Café/Market
  • Great Room/Events Space
  • RCSA Offices