Substance-Free Housing

In all HFS communities, alcohol use is limited to those of legal age (21 and older) and then only within the confines of a resident's room. The use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited in all residence halls. All UW residence halls are 100 percent smoke-free.

Outside of University policies, many students elect to lead a lifestyle which promotes personal health, wellness and a substance-free lifestyle.

Substance-free rooms provide a positive atmosphere where roommates make a commitment to each other to abstain from the use of alcohol, tobacco products or illegal substances in all environments. Rooms are designated substance-free based on the commitment of the students assigned to that room and may be mixed among non-substance free rooms in the halls.

Students living in substance-free rooms are expected to commit to the expectations of living a substance-free lifestyle while assigned a substance-free room by signing a Substance Free Community Agreement.

In order to live in a substance-free room: 

  1. Select the substance-free option on your housing application.
  2. Complete the pledge.
  3. HFS will then match you up with a roommate who has also requested to be in a substance-free room.